1. The Pre-Consultation


This is the planning part of your session. It can either be in person, Skype, or phone.  During this  conversation, I like to find out what your vision is for the photography session. What are you looking for? Do you want to create a gallery wall? If so, what walls do you want to place your images on? We will discuss the location for your session for all sessions other than in-home newborn.  I love styling clients, so if that is something you want me to take lead on please let me know.  You will receive a “What to expect” guide via email loaded with things you need to know when preparing for your session. If you'd like to do a gallery wall, we will also schedule your Ordering Session at this time.

2. The Photography Session

After we meet at our pre-determined location 15 minutes prior to our start time, we will walk to where the session will take place. 

Most clients are a little nervous at first, but my goal is for your experience to become relaxed and fun. Sure people might be looking, but when you look at your images you will forget about how ridiculous you might think you look to others in the moment because a moment in time was captured to help you forever remember this time and stage in your family's lives.  I will always give suggestions on where to stand, what to do with your hands, where to look, how to smile, etc. so that you don't feel like you need to model. 

3. The Reveal & Order session

This is the fun part! The Reveal & Order Session is scheduled for about 2 weeks after your photography session. This is where you will see your images for the first time!  You’ll view a slide show of all your images, and then we will lay out 5×7 proofs of all your photos for you to see up close. I’m a visual person, so seeing AND holding prints are a win-win in my book! I will also have samples of the products I offer such as canvas, wood prints, albums, and prints for you to see and feel. Together we can figure out what works best for you.

You will be ordering and paying for your prints and products at the end of this session, so anyone who is interested in making any decisions will need to attend the Reveal & Order session.  Your order will be ready for pick up approximately 2 weeks after the Reveal & Order.

You will receive 5% off of your total order placed at the Reveal & Order Session!  Items may be ordered later, but will not receive the 5% discount.

I’m SO excited about this part of the session. 

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